Consists of stuck paper layers, the middle layer becomes polygonal (gives zigzag shape) through the production process and it goes in between 2 outer layers.

Types :
  1. Single face:

    Consists of polygonal middle layer stuck to 1 flat outer layer.

  2. Single wall:

    It is the popular cardboard as it consists of polygonal middle layer stuck to 2 flat outer layers.

  3. Double wall:

    Consists of 2 polygonal middle layers stuck to 3 flat paper layers.

  4. Kraft liner:

    It is the most used nowadays in industry, (Kraft) word is derived from German word, it means power as it is one of the powerful paper and the biggest part of it consists of natural paper’s fiber added to it recycled paper’s fiber as it works as filler as it gives smooth texture, increase the printing quality and increase the endurance of moisten.

Products of cardboard:
  1. Big polygonal boxes for fresh products.

  2. Big polygonal cardboard boxes.

  3. Polygonal cardboard boxes for heavy loads.

  4. Polygonal cardboard boxes with 2 layers for pizza boxes.

  5. Polygonal cardboard boxes for drink packaging boxes.