About Us

About Us

Grand trade limited is a trading company specialized in filling and packaging field for plastic and cardboard.

Established since 2010 from group of elite business men with high experience exceed 20 years in filling and packaging field and it is one of the leading transaction successful trading company as it was established to be international trading company. The most important activity is providing the printing houses, filling and packaging companies and plastic manufacturing companies with all its kinds for the Egyptian market which enable the factories inside Egypt to work with high efficiency and supply high quality products.

And recently we have become supplier to more than 60% of the companies and other sectors in the Egyptian market.

Our Targets

Take care of providing our clients’ needs through providing high quality products with taking in consideration supplying rapidly as a main factor in dealing as we have a large distribution team based on a sales team with rehabilitation and high experience in filling and packaging field to cover all the regions in Egypt, develop our products and our performance to elevate to the clients desires according to the changes and challenges that arise on the market and facing them scientifically.

So, if you want high quality and rapid supplying, there is no alternative than searching for a company based on high experience and well developed style that face by the challenges that happens in the market.

Why Grand Trade Limited ?

Why the clients prefer grand trade limited products?

Because we are agents of large international companies, we always have high quality present goods, because of our distinct prices compared by the competitors prices in the local and international markets, customer care, after sales services, easiness in communicating between our company and our clients, easiness in transporting and delivering from and to all regions of Egypt and perfect following up for all our clients in the sales and distribution field.